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The first step in the art of teaching social skills requires that we label behaviors in a concise manner so that we can consistently refer to the same behavior, or type of behavior, with the exact same label each time.  This is especially necessary when a child presents with language processing problems.

The following is a comprehensive list of over 150 labels for both red and green behaviors.  This list will give you ideas of behavioral concepts and social skills that can be taught to children.  It can also be used as a checklist to identify which skills need to be targeted.  Most importantly, it'll help you identify the solutions to a variety of red behaviors.


The following are sample red and green behaviors that can be targeted and taught using the Red and Green Learning System (RGLS): 

arguing vs. saying it once,

nagging vs. grown-up voice,

talking only about myself vs. showing interest in others,

distracted vs. paying attention,

disorganized vs. organized, 

messy vs. neat,

passive vs. assertive

using hands vs. using words

and many other behaviors...







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