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ABA PROGRAM – An ABA-style program is created for children who have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, as well as for children who benefit from learning through comprehensive task analysis.  These programs are implemented in the school and/or home.
HOME PROGRAMS – A home program targets skills that are necessary for a child to function within a family.  It can include ADL skills as well as social skills for getting  along with family members
LIFE SKILLS  PROGRAMS – Life skills programs target skills such as dressing, showering, eating with manners, choosing clothing according to the weather, household chores, street-crossing, shopping, travel training, and so forth.

BEHAVIORAL PROGRAMS – A behavioral program targets the red behaviors that needs modification.  It also includes the green solutions and alternative skills that the child needs to learn in order for progress to be long-lasting.  It includes creative rewards and correction systems for effective change.
SOCIAL SKILLS PROGRAMS FOR INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS IN REGULAR ED SCHOOLS – At the Social Learning Institute, we visit students in regular education school who are doing relatively well academically but are suffering socially and/or behaviorally.  We set up individualized programs to target their needs.
SPECIALIZED BEHAVIORAL AND SOCIAL SKILLS PROGRAMS FOR CHILDREN IN SPECIAL ED SCHOOLS – Despite that special education schools generally individualize specifically for their students with special needs, some of their students may need an even more individualized and comprehensive program for their social and behavioral challenges.  The Social Learning Institute sends therapists into schools to help the staff set up a program that meet the needs of children with significant behavioral and social challenges who are not progressing with the standard behavioral methods.
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