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Frequently Asked Questions
 1.  What jobs are available?  

A:   Typically, shadow positions are available for individuals who wish to work with children having difficulty managing their own behaviors in a classroom.

2.  Who pays for this service?  

A:  If a child is entitled to a crisis para, an agency will pay the para.

3.  What is the going rate?    

A:  Every agency has its own pay scale.  They pay is between $12 to $16 per hour.  Please contact the agency directly.

4.  Will I get trained by Devora Samet?

A:  If Devora Samet is working directly with the student and you are the shadow for this child, you will very likely get free training.  If you do not have a supervisor who is guiding you how to best help your student, you may request supervision from Devora Samet. 

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