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You can email us a sample chart you created using the Red and Green Learning System and we might post it on our site so that others will benefit, too.  Just let us know the age of the child and the difficulties s/he was experiencing.  Let us know the results of using this technique.

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Conversation Rules
This chart was used for a first grader who needed help with conversations. Several strategies and rules were placed on one sheet for easier visual prompting.

By Miss Baila Milstein, Ha'or Beacon School
Expected vs. Unexpected Ways To Make and Keep Friends
This chart incorporates Michelle Garcia Winner's strategy of classifying behaviors as Expected and Unexpected. The green expected list includes behaviors that would make a student attract friends, while the red unexpected list would make others not want to be friends with this child.

By Rabbi Katz, Yeshiva Ohr Torah
Behavior Pics
These are behavior pics posted on a 4th grade classroom door depicting a variety of red and green behaviors that are applicable to the students in this class.

By Shifra Perlow, Ivdu-Beacon at Shulamith School for Girls 1/18/10
When someone bothers you..
This picture teaches students how to be assertive when someone bothers them instead of constantly running to the teacher to tattle. It also provides students with a hierarchy of responses to deal with 'minor nuisances.' (If a student is being bullied, this skill would not necessarily apply.)

By Shifra Perlow, Ivdu-Beacon at Shulamith School for Girls 1/18/10
Conversation Topics
This Conversation Topic Pie Chart provided students with options of things to talk about.

By Ha'or Beacon
Lunch Rules
Lunch time expectations were clearly defined in this drawing. In addition, the reward system was also included. Prior to lunch, the teacher reviewed the lunch rules to remind the students how to behave during lunch.

By Miss Ruchy Deutsch, Ha'or Beacon
Green: Raising My Hand
In this picture, the teacher asked a question and the student raised his hand before answering. He did not interrupt the teacher.

By Ha'or Beacon, Pre-1-A
Red: Interruption
This picture depicted a teacher asking a question and a student interrupting the teacher. He did not wait until he was called on to answer

By Ha'or Beacon, Pre-1-A
Red: Excluding
This picture taught 1st graders what it means to exclude a classmate. It also indicated the feelings and thoughts of the student who was excluded.

By Bais Yaakov, Boro Park
Green: Including
This picture helped 1st graders understand what it means to include all classmates. It also showed what students think and feel when they are included.

By Bais Yaakov, Boro Park
Behavior Chart on Student's Desk
These charts were created for a 4th grader to help him with his independence. The top chart was a classroom behavior checklist, while the bottom one was an organizational list.

By Chavi Adelman
Sore Loser vs. Content Loser
This picture was used to teach a third grader the concept of 'winning gracefully'. Instead of being miserable about losing, he was taught to be content with playing and having a good time with his friends.

By Chavi Adelman, Shaare Torah
Green: Saying
This picture taught Pre-1-A students how to deal with disappointment, such as when getting a red penny and thereby losing points.

By Chani Pincus Newman, Ha'or Beacon
Classroom Behavior Chart
This behavior strip listed green expectations with the amount of points earned for each, as well as the red behaviors that needed to stop and the amount of points lost for doing each red.

By Chavi Adelman, Shaare Torah
Wh Conversation Cards
As part of teaching conversation skills, the Wh Conversation Cards were used to help children expand their own conversations as well as to show interest in others' conversations.

By R' Aron Lovi, Yeshiva Ohr Torah
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