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These are samples of Red & Green charts that people made.
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Conversation Skills
Eating Manners
Friendship Skills
Negotiation Skills
Organization Skills
Personal Hygiene
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Social Skills
Dishonest Family
This page in the book of one student helped her recognize that Dishonesty can take many forms and they are all related.

By Devora Samet
Conversation chart
This chart was created to give children who have a hard time making conversation some conversation starter ideas.

By Simi
Red: Bossing Others
This picture showed a 4 1/2 year old what "bossing others" looks like, as well as what his peers think when he bosses them, namely, that they won't like him.

By Devora Samet
Green: Bossing Myself
This picture showed a 41/2 year old young man what it means to boss himself vs. bossing others

By Devora Samet
What Can I Do With Other Children?
This chart was created for a bright yet very aggressive 3 1/2 year old boy who was beating up his neighbors as he waited for the bus every morning. This chart gave him options of things he can and cannot do with his peers during the morning bus wait.

By Devora Samet
When Can I Touch My Eyes?
This red and green picture was drawn for a teenager with autism who would touch her eyes even when her hands were soapy. She needed to learn when she could touch her eyes, and when it would irritate her eyes.

By Devora Samet
Green: Cooperative
This picture listed ways in which to be cooperative with peers and classmates.

By Devora Samet
Red: Fighting With Words
This picture listed those phrases which triggered fights with peers.

By Devora Samet
When someone asks me a question that I don't want to answer...
This sheet was created with a 19-yr old young man who did not know how to react when asked a question which he didn't wish to answer. His red responses made him appear strange and socially 'off.' We listed better green alternatives for the same predicament.

By Devora Samet
Sharing Friends
This picture was drawn for an elementary school student who needed to learn that it was red behavior to be possessive of friends, and green behavior to share friends.

By Devora Samet
Possessive of Friends
This picture was drawn for a student who thought that no one was allowed to be friends with 'her' friend. She'd yell at her fellow classmates to 'get away-she's my friend!!!'

By Devora Samet
Making Friends vs. Pushing Away Friends
This pie chart depicts behaviors that will invite friendships, as well as behaviors that will destroy them.

By Devora Samet
Behavior Chart
This classroom behavior chart included a breakdown of skills that the child needed to work on throughout the school day. This type of behavior chart is often more helpful than a rating chart that simply indicates general performance such as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Poor.

By Devora Samet
Expression vs. Monotone
This child was having difficulty with voice modulation. I drew a picture labeling the green behavior expression in which the voice goes up and down in a sing-song, and its counterpart - a flat boring tone.

By Devora Samet
Assertive vs. Being Taken Advantage Of
I made these cards for a young girl who was being taken advantage of by a classmate. Whenever the classmate threatened her, she'd give in. We needed to teach her how to be assertive and not give in to such demands. As she became assertive, her classmate realized that she was no longer going to be an easy target.

By Devora Samet
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