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How to organize a desk
Miriam, a junior-high student helped me figure out all the steps that would need to be taken to organize her desk. Here is what we came up with...

Help! My children are constantly comparing and saying "It's not fair!"
Do your children constantly compare what they got to what their siblings have? Are you playing judge and trying to even things out?

How do I praise a child who does nothing praise-worthy?
Do you know that you should be praising and acknowledging your child, yet find nothing nice to say? Do his behaviors preclude compliments?

How do I teach my child to have an organized knapsack?
It's a matter of breaking down all the skills necessary for an organized briefcase and teaching each one individually. Read on for some sample skills to teach your child or student...

My child is so distracted especially when he has to find the right page in a book...

How do I motivate a hard-to-motivate child?
What do I do with a defiant child who refuses any incentive?
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