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What a therapist / teacher says:

 "What I like so much about your style is that you make it all so simple.  You take a challenging situation and show us simply what skills the child is lacking, what to teach, and how to teach it.  By making it all so easy, I find myself trying your suggestions and using them constantly.  Thanks for giving us 'hope' that there are solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems."

Leah Green, Special Education Teacher 
Brooklyn,  NY



"As a speech language pathologist working with children, not a day goes by that I don't implement the Red and Green Learning System to teach my clients how to comunicate effectively.
The course includes techniques for teaching children language and conversation skills so that they are accepted socially between peers. I have found these techniques invaluable in my line of work, especially when teaching children who present with challenging behaviors. For such children, implementation of the Red and Green Learning System is crucial for success."

Mordechai Lichtenstadter, MS,SLP
Brooklyn, NY

 I am a speech and language pathologist working in the New York area. My case load varies from 3 yr olds to 23 yr olds. Devora Samet’s  “Red and Green” system has literally changed my therapy. By using this method I can successfully get children to focus, interact successfully with their peers and parents, and most importantly, give children/adults the self worth they crave for.                              Learning the “Red and Green" method has changed me into a virtual  Mary Poppins.  It gave me the tools to pull anything out of my “hat” and tailor make it for each and every client. This method is a must for SLP’s, classroom teachers, special ed teachers, school pychologists and the list goes on……  

Miriam Schiff  SLP, M.Ed
What a parent says:

 To  tell it simply – I was not ready to try any other behavior mod system. I’d had it! My 8 year old son was completely out of control. If the school called, my stomach would turn – What now?

 I gave this RGLS system my last shot. Devora set up an intense system, where my child was motivated to succeed.

His Red behaviors have drastically reduced. I have not been afraid to pick him up from school or afraid to hear how many time-outs he got that day. I have actually seen him think about what he is about to say and say something nice (Green) instead of a nasty (Red) comment!

Mrs. P. 
Brooklyn,  NY


Thank You for taking the time to observe and outline a program for my daughter Nechama. We have seen a number of positive changes and she also seem to feel better about herself. We discuss some red/green behaviors when they occur.

I have no words to describe the value of the RGLS, such clarity, so much hope, finally!

It's so cool to see that everything can be taught!

Sara M.  
Brooklyn,  NY



What a child says:

Everyone is always telling me to stop misbehaving. I didn't even know what I was doing wrong!  With The Reds and Greens, at least I know what they want me to stop doing and what I can do instead.  And it's not even so hard to do the greens.  I finally know what they want from me!

Shana H.  
Monsey NY


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