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Course Title:
Brooklyn - July 2015 Morning Class: How To Teach Social Skills to Children and Teenagers Using an Eclectic Behavioral Approach

Course Description:
This fast paced strategy-filled workshop introduces the Red and Green Social Skills System as well as its practical applications to working with children with behavioral and social challenges. Researched learning theories that apply to teaching social skills will be discussed, and proven teaching methods modeled and role-played. Videotapes of sample sessions will be shown to provide more hands-on training. Integrating these methods in the home and school will be focused on as well.

Who should attend this workshop?
Principals, Teachers, Therapists, and Professionals

   Course Objectives:

Following this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic learning theories in children with behavioral and social issues and their relationship to the rationale for the Red and Green Social Skills System
  • Identify the 6 steps that effectively teach any targeted goal or behavior
  • Describe how to use a token line, menu pie, schedule albums, videotaping, progress graphs, clock chart, social behavior stories, social cartoons, and a variety of other visual aids
  • Use a variety of new and creative rewards as well as alternative corrections when the standard methods fail
  • Describe when and how to do the Behavior Recognition Task, Immediate Repractice, Positive Practice, and Advance Notice
  • Teach conversation skills and play skills by breaking down the components of communication and teaching each segment individually
  • List a repertoire of strategies to teach conversation skills
  • Create and implement a curriculum on teaching emotions using feel-o-meters, emotion scrapbooks, and emotion thermometers


Course Outline

Topic 1:   How To Teach Social Skills Using The Red And Green Social Skills System

 Remember: You can teach any child just about any social skill – if you know how!

Topic 2:   How To Set Up Creative Rewards And Corrections

 Discover a variety of ways rewards can be given; it’s all about  presentation!
 Learn how to do an effective time-out
 Acquire a complete repertoire of consequences

Topic 3:   How To Use Schedules, Social Stories And Cartoons, And a Variety Of Visual Aids
 Gain tools to prevent a host of problems before they even occur


Topic 4:   How To Teach Conversation And Play Skills
 Yes, you can teach kids how to shmooze! And how not to make silly or embarrassing comments…


Topic 5:   How To Teach Emotions
 Learn a myriad of games and activities you can use to teach children how to recognize their own emotions and how to stay in  control!!!


        Course Dates:    July  1, 8, 15, 22, 29 

Location:            Brooklyn, NY 

        Hours:                 10:30 am - 2:00 pm 

   Day:     Wednesday Mornings





To register:

Call The Social Learning Institute

Or email for registration:



What others have to say:
"I took your course in 2012.  I've been finding so many of your ideas extremely helpful and truly effective.  In my social skills groups for elementary age students, one of the girls was incredibly withdrawn.  She wouldn't approach or interact with her peers within the group or in her school environment.  I used the '6 W question cards,' puppets, social behavior stories, and other visual and concrete techniques, and this girl's progress was amazing!  Not only has she begun to interact with the girls in her group as well as her classmates at school, but her mother reported that the fighting with her siblings has significantly decreased.  I had not even targeted the home environment, but clearly there was a generalization from the social skills group activities to the home environment.  Thank you for teaching me a rich repertoire of skills and strategies to teach social skills effectively.  I love your materials that I purchased.  I use them all the time.  Please let me know when you publish new ones so that I can buy them."

Sara Rubel, Social Worker/Play Therapist
ODA Williamsburg

Of all the education courses, lectures, and workshops I've attended, Devora Samet's Social Skills workshop was by far the most practical. I was able to use the techniques immediately after learning them. They are clear, simple, and extremely effective. I have used many of her techniques to teach scores of children with social difficulties, and each child has made astronomical progress. These creative techniques truly teach children how to become socially attractive to the world around them. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in helping children with social difficulties succeed.

Tammy Sassoon
Social Skills Specialist
Gesher Yehuda Elementary School
Brooklyn, NY
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